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Why we do what we do

The Fire Prevention Bureau works collaboratively and cooperatively within our community (residents, businesses, visitors and firefighter/medics) to establish a culture of safety. That culture of safety is not just in relation to fire but with a focus on all-hazards community risk reduction. Put in another way, we are promoting a strategic approach to preventing and reducing the effects of risk with the cooperation of the community.

Developing a culture of safety defines that together we are involved in strategic risk reduction. Community risk reduction integrates emergency response with prevention; it identifies and prioritizes risks; it is the selection and implementation of strategies and the evaluation of our activities (programming).

There is no “cookie cutter” design for this type of program because each community is different. The risks in our community may not be present in other communities. The resources, both human and physical, that are available to us are also different than that of other communities.

So how does this work? We know that prevention, preparedness, mitigation and resiliency are investments whereas response, recovery, treatment and rehabilitation are expenses. Failure to invest means that we are willing to accept a higher level of risk.

So how do we invest? We invest through education, engineering, enforcement, economic incentives and emergency response. Each of these E’s can contribute to the development of realistic, comprehensive and effective solutions. Each of the E’s has a synergistic effect on the others - together they are more effective than individually. Just as, together our community is more effective than individually.


The Fire Prevention Division is an integral part of the Durango Fire Protection District. Our role is to conduct fire safety inspections on all commercial properties in the city and provide both plan review and compliance inspections for all new buildings constructed within the community.

Public Education

Public education is also a major concern of the department’s fire life safety and operations personnel. Each October during Fire Prevention Week, the Durango Fire Protection District reaches out to thousands of local children to provide fire safety messages.

The Public Education program helps protect our community’s youth and adults by teaching them what to do in the event of an emergency. Annually, we make contact with over 14,000 residents.


The Fire Prevention Division also conducts investigations into the fires that occur within the district. Determining the origin and cause of a fire plays a prime role in preventing future incidents.

Durango Fire Protection District’s fire investigation personnel remain on-call 24 hours a day to respond to fire incidents.

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Fire Marshal
Karola Hanks
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Fire Prevention Offices
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7:30am - 4:30pm M-F

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